Research and surveillance practice (RCGP)

This practice is participating in a national surveillance programme that provides continuous monitoring of infectious diseases in the community. The surveillance programme is coordinated by the Royal College of General Practitioners Research (RCGP) and Surveillance Centre (RSC).

What data is being collected?

Pseudonymised data is being collected. Pseudonymisation means that individuals are distinguished by using a unique modifier, that is, a pseudonym. That means that their ‘real world’ identity is not revealed.

Why is this data collected?

This data is used for continuous monitoring of infections and diseases and is the main source of information for Public Health England (PHE). The purpose of collecting data is to support public health, including the evaluation of vaccine effectiveness.

How does this affect me?

Providing pseudonymised data does not affect patients directly. All information is collected anonymously and does not affect patient care, treatment or privacy. However, if you no longer wish to allow your information to be used, please speak to your GP.

How about GDPR?

RCGP RSC are compliant with all current legislation including GDPR and work within the governance frameworks of NHS Digital and the Medical Research Council.

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