There is lots of support and advice available for carers.

If you are looking after or providing care for a relative, child or friend, then you can find more information about what you can do as a carer below.

Banes Carers' Centre

Banes Carer’s Centre has over 20 years' experience of supporting carers and are leading the way for a carer-friendly community. They will strive to be sustainable for the long-term so we are here for the next generation of carers. All their services are free, and they will make sure you get the right help, advice and support to make caring a little easier.

Telephone: 0800 0388 885



Becoming a carer

If you are looking to become a carer or to support a relative, friend or neighbour, then their GP needs to know so you can be offered the right information.

Our surgery has to collect information for the Government about the numbers of carers attached to the surgery, so your information will help us to do this.

Please complete the form below to register yourself as a carer.